Welcome to Contrived, the hatelisting for the relationship between Delinda Deline (Molly Sims) and Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) from the NBC series Las Vegas. This is the only hatelisting for Danny and Delinda that is listed at the HateListings.net.

You are currently viewing version 1 of this listing. The layout features screencaps from episode 3x10 of Las Vegas For Sail By Owner. In the show's timeline, this scene takes place after Monica Mancuso, who had been the owner of the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino, which the series is centered aroun), had been blown off the roof of the hotel in a freak incident. Monica had ultimately came to meet her end when she crashed into a Manolo Blahnik store during the year-end sample sale. Danny had been on the roof, arguing with Monica, when she'd been blown away, and he had gone to the store with (for who knows what reason) Delinda in tow. Rather than being a supportive friend, Delinda seemed far more interested in the fact that the she'd forgotten the sale was that day and in spouting off remarks that could have landed Danny in serious legal trouble--like suspicion of murder kind of trouble. This scene is just one of many from Las Vegas that demonstrates exactly why the fact that Danny and Delinda's subsequent pairing on the show was perhaps one of the most contrived things ever in television history.


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Images used for codes and this layout are from screencaptures made by myself of Las Vegas episodes originally airing on NBC.