Grey’s Anatomy

Posted in General on 05/14/2009

Tonight, I remembered exactly why I used to drink during Las Vegas episodes during its later seasons…

(Spoilers be here)

Bones Exile

Posted in General on 05/13/2009

Those of you who knew me at the height of my DannyMary/Las Vegas fangirling in 2004/2005 will remember the little ritual I called exile. For those of you who didn’t know me back then, I was living in California at the time. Because of the whole time zones thing, the show aired a full 3 hours earlier on the East coast than it did in the Pacific Time Zone. Although I was completely spoiled on most episodes and read as many casting sides as I could get my hands on, I never wanted to know the exact details of each episode until I got to watch it play out on screen. I was weak though and didn’t trust myself not to cheat and look at the fanboards, so I’d turn off the computer at 6pm Pacific and it wouldn’t come back on until after the show was over at 10. I eventually gave up on this practice as Las Vegas continued to spiral downwards and the few times I tried it, I was treated to disastrous and unpleasant episodes. I decided it was best to be fully informed as to what I’d be getting myself into with each airing.

For some reason, Bones has been airing in Canada on Wednesday nights instead of Thursdays. The season finale has already aired there. There are already 611 comments on the Canadian discussion thread at a Bones LJ community I lurk on. I was good and didn’t open the thread, but I think I’m going to have to go on a Bones exile until I can get the episode and watch it. For me, this probably means Saturday at the earliest. Ugly Betty airs at the same time, and if I’m going to pay for something from iTunes–since streaming won’t work on my internet connection–it’s going to be one of my favorites and not the show that may be ditched from my tv line up after this season.

At least I possess a bit more will power than I did back in the day and can keep myself from Bones websites without having to keep the computer off for several days… I suppose we could call this progress of some sorts in regards to my fangirling tendencies.

Grey’s Anatomy Fangirling

Posted in General on 05/07/2009

Alex and Izzie got married! Alex and Izzie got married ! Alex and Izzie got married!




Posted in General on 03/28/2009

*sigh* The Ladies free skate just finished up at world’s. It’s never easy being a Carolina Kostner fan. It’s a roller coaster from one extreme to the other. I had a feeling tonight wasn’t going to be great, but I was not expecting a meltdown of that proportion. Her jumps just totally abandoned her tonight. I wanted to reach through the screen and hug the girl. Thankfully, NBC was kind and cut her getting the scores in the kiss and cry.

Even with tonight, I still love her anyway. Hopefully, next season will be better.

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