If you're here, you probably already know what a fanlisting is. However, if you just stumbled upon us, you may be asking yourself what a fanlisting is. In a nut shell, a fanlisting is exactly as it sounds--a listing for all the fans of a particular item, subject, etc. In this case, this fanlisting is a listing of fans of Las Vegas Episode 1.23 "Always Faithful."

Originally airing May 17, 2004 on NBC, "Always Faithful" was the season finale episode for the first season of Las Vegas. Although the episode did include a typical casino crime case of the week and a dose of casino management related humor involving an old bet and ownership of the casino grounds, the primary focus was on two far more serious stories. While Danny is recalled to active duty in the Marines with only 24 hours notice before he is to deploy, Mary's abusive father visits unexpectedly, causing old, painful memories to surface for her.

Most who spent time among various online communities devoted to the show will tell you that it was rare to find something that all fans could agree upon about when it came to various aspects of the show. While fights over plot lines, characters, romantic pairings, and everything else you can think of were commonplace, most fans could agree on one thing--that "Always Faithful" was one of the best episodes of the entire series. During its run, Las Vegas was not known for being a serious drama or having the most spectacular writing. Largely, the show lived up to that image, but this episode, along with a small handful of others, showed that Las Vegas was capable of being far more than what they usually tried to be.