If you're here, you probably already know what a fanlisting is. However, if you just stumbled upon us, you may be asking yourself what a fanlisting is. In a nut shell, a fanlisting is exactly as it sounds--a listing for all the fans of a particular item, subject, etc. In this case, this fanlisting is a listing of fans of Las Vegas Episode 2.1 Have You Ever Seen the Rain.

Why did I want to make a fanlisting for this episode? Las Vegas can often be hit-or-miss in terms of its episodes. I've seen the spectrum range from absolutely cringe-worthy to the truly sublime. Have You Ever Seen the Rain is one of the most shining examples in the latter category. In HYESTR, as it's often called, the directing, writing, and most importantly, the acting all came together perfectly in an amazing piece of television. The plotlines flowed and interweaved with one another seamlessly, while the guest stars were used in a way that helped to enhance the episode rather than make it appear as a promotional spot for this-or-that big-name star. Most importantly, the show also proved that it can do serious drama and do it very well with the story of Danny suffering from PTSD as a result of events that occurred during his tour of duty in the Middle East. Josh Duhamel, Nikki Cox, and James Caan all delivered powerful, gripping, and moving performances. Beyond a shadow of doubt, this episode showed just how fantastic Las Vegas can be when it's at its very best.